Remote patient monitoring

Infants on the  Firstday Healthcare platform  are continuously monitored using a combination FDA approved wireless sensors including  Heart Rate , Respiratory Rate,  Skin Temperature – the Vivalink ECG Monitor at 7.5 grams is the industries smallest and rechargeable patch device with a 3 day battery life for continuous monitoring  Saturation, Pulse Rate The Owlet babysat the newest The Aulisa guardian angel Axillary temperature Vivalink temperature patch.

Each sensor  sends continuous  vital signs to the Firstday Healthcare gateway tablet app by bluetooth connection displaying values similar to conventional hospital monitors.  Vital signs are continuously sent to the Firstday Healthcare cloud account and instantaneously displayed in our command center platform as well as parent smartphone apps. 

Alert notifications are sent to the command center web based platform as well as parents and care team members using SMS messages based on predetermined vital sign parameters.

Predictive Analytics

With the Firstday Early Warning Score,  our command center team can proactively detect changes in your infant’s status before they become clinically evident, providing a higher level of vital sign analytics than what is typically offered by most NICUs. Every heartbeat of your infant is fed into the AI-derived patented algorithm to generate a composite score that our team is constantly monitoring. 

With Firstday Healthcare, we don’t merely react to outcomes; we actively steer your child’s health towards wellness from their very first days of life and beyond.

Command Center

With Firstday Healthcare you can rest assured knowing that your infant’s vital signs are being continuously monitored 24/7 by healthcare providers from our command center who are familiar with the unique medical needs of your baby.

Furthermore if there are concerns you have for issues not detected with our vital sign monitoring our team is able to provide telemedicine consultation as well as tie in your primary care provider for any changes in your infants care. 

Gateway Tablet App

The Firstday Healthcare gateway tablet app serves as the hub of your NICU at home, facilitating the collection of vital sign data from wearable sensors and connected medical devices such as scales and physical examination tools.

Additionally, it acts as a source for guidance from our command center team, offering virtual daily medical rounds to ensure a comparable level of care to that of the NICU.

Parent Smartphone App

With the Firstday Healthcare parent android and iOS apps parents are able to see live vital sign data when not next to their infant. Additionally the app provides parents critical medical record data  including ongoing diagnosis, medications, laboratory/imaging results, immunizations and growth parameters. 

 Post NICU discharge medical records are continuously updated by our team, in partnership with parents. The Firstday healthcare parent  app creates a lifelong medical record that puts the ownership of each infant’s medical information literally into their parent’s hands.

Care coordination

At Firstday Healthcare, we  recognize the collaborative effort required to deliver optimal care for your NICU graduate infant. Our platform ensures seamless coordination among all the providers involved in your infant’s care including your pediatrician, ensuring they are well-informed with access to the most precise and up-to-date data about your child.

This empowerment equips them to deliver unparalleled care, tailored to your infant’s unique needs. The Firstday Healthcare platform consistently places your infant at the heart of attention throughout their entire healthcare journey.

Parent Engagement Tools

At Firstday Healthcare, we firmly believe that parents are the most effective advocates for their infants’ medical needs. With this principle in focus, we developed digital engagement tools that empower parents to actively contribute ongoing data regarding their infants’ progress.

This includes essential information such as nutritional intake, growth milestones, and developmental stages. By enabling parents to share these insights, we facilitate a clearer understanding for healthcare providers about the care provided to the infant within the home environment. This collaboration between parents and providers enhances the overall quality of care and ensures a comprehensive approach to the infant’s well-being.