NICU Parents,

Congratulations on your infant’s pending discharge home from the NICU!
This momentous occasion marks a significant milestone, yet it’s completely natural to experience a mix of emotions, including anxiety and fear as for months you have have been supported by the presence of a 24/7 dedicated NICU nurse and the reassurance that your infant’s well-being is being vigilantly monitored. Suddenly, the responsibility for your infant’s care rests solely with you!

As a Neonatologist, I founded Firstday Healthcare to extend the care provided in the NICU to the comfort of your home, ensuring a safer and more gradual transition to post-NICU life. Our technology platform utilizes FDA approved wireless medical grade vital sign sensors coupled with the support of our dedicated neonatal healthcare providers who are constantly monitoring your infant’s vital signs and are available to offer guidance for any questions or concerns you may have, day or night.

If the concept of Firstday Healthcare resonates with you and you are considering becoming part of our community, I invite you to sign up for updates to keep posted on our upcoming release.

Your partner in health!

Ross Sommers MD

CEO Neonatologist & Dad of Six

Dr Ross Sommers MD


We anticipate a live date in the upcoming months and by signing up we will keep you posted as we get closer

We provide an option of three types of sensors, for heart / respiratory rate /skin temperature, we utilize the vivalink ECG device for saturation and pulse rate we utilize the owlet baby sat or the Aulisa guardian angel,  and for axillary temperature we utilize the vivalink temperature patch 

Each infant’s use case is different and may benefit from a single device or a combination of options

Yes all devices we use are FDA approved and require a doctor’s prescription for use. 

For now Firstday Healthcare will only be offered as a service paid by parents.  

The fees will consist of a one time device fee with partial refund upon returning of sensors and android tablet device as well as a monthly subscription for the service. 

No we are not able to replace your pediatrician but we are able to partner with them and your infants other physician specialists and therapists to help coordinate your infant’s care and provide them access to your infants vital sign data and medical record data

Your infants Vital sign data is visible at the bedside tablet in your separate parent phone app and in our command center software. Alerts trigger bedside tablet audio alerts, audio alerts in our command center software, and triggers SMS text alerts to your phone negating the need for the parent phone app to be running to receive alerts. Additionally we have the capability to not only send alerts for abnormal findings but use patented heart rate algorithms provided by the HERO Score company to earlier detect issues that may arise before they even become evident.

This is why the command center is there to support you in your time of need. Often vital sign changes (as probably occurred in the NICU) that trigger an alarm are self resolving or may require mild stimulation to cese. However as premature infants are still at higher risk of cardiac arrest than full term infants parents of NICU graduates are often taught CPR prior to discharge as standard of care. 

God forbid a prolonged change becomes clinically significant our team will help you initiate CPR while we are able to initiate EMS so you can focus on providing care for your infant.